5 ways to motivate your children at school

Wanting is power, at any age and under any circumstance (as long as abilities allow). That is why it is necessary for children to have the support of their parents so that they know that they have all their love and that the effort will always be rewarded. But if your child wants to do it but lacks motivation, how can you help him find it?

How to motivate my child in school

Have good communication

It is necessary that the relationship with your child has an open and honest communication. In this way he will feel motivated to count on you whenever he needs it, there will be confidence and when he has problems you will be the first person to turn to. It is important that you do not go against him and that despite everything, he feels that you will always be on his side. In this way, children will not have anxiety or feel frustrated with failures and may be more likely to find a way of learning in mistakes.

Take into account their emotions

Emotions are very important to children’s academic performance. If a child is not well emotionally due to the circumstances (problems at home, no friends, illnesses, etc.) it is more difficult for him to have a good academic performance. For this reason, it is necessary to make sure that your child is well and emotionally balanced. In case there is something that bothers you, it will be necessary to work on it as soon as possible so that you can rebalance your emotions.

Add rules

Rules are necessary so that children know what is expected of them at all times and that in this way they can gradually internalize their responsibilities. Children should understand that if you play basketball every day, you will be good at playing basketball. That adults only charge at the end of the month when they do their work … then they should know that they will only be good students if they get involved in it. In addition, after complying with the rules, you can have rewards such as having a friend of yours come home on Friday to play after having done all the homework during the week and having made an effort. You will see a good reward and you will want to get it.

Establish a study schedule

If your child does not have the ability to organize his study or his homework, then he will need you to guide and guide him so that he is able to follow a rhythm and also by seeing your follow-up he will feel more motivated to do better. You can create a structure or a schedule for him and put it on his bedroom wall so that he can see it every day, have it as a reference and in this way he is able to internalize it and do it for himself over time. During this time, you will be able to indicate your study time each day, the rest times and the subjects that you should place more emphasis on.

It should also have a place of study and you should be aware that there will have to be a balance in life. Leisure and fun time is almost as important as study time. Children need to be children first .

Talk to the teacher

It is very important that you follow what is happening at school and know at all times what your child’s performance is. They must feel that you are involved and that you are interested in their evolution at school. If necessary, you can communicate regularly with the teacher to know their performance and organize a work plan between school and home to work in a linear way.

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